Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 minute tacos!

These are my famous fish tacos! You can make this in 10 minutes or less, including prep time. They are ridiculously good and very low calorie and healthy.
1) 1 tilapia filet, thawed
2) small handful of grape tomatoes. Seriously, GRAPE tomatoes. These are not cherry tomatoes. They have a very very specific flavor. Get them.
3) PAM 0 calorie cooking spray
4) Seafood seasoning (if you don't have it or don't want to go to the store, use a little season salt. You can use sea salt instead but this stuff adds actual flavor. Cajun spice would work just as well.)
5) 2 small soft corn tortillas
6) Cilantro
7) Red onion
8) Black pepper
9) optional - chopped up jalepeno, Louisiana hot sauce


1 small pan
flat bowl (like a pasta bowl)
small bowl for chopped up goodies

Get to work
1) Heat your small pan on the stove over medium to medium high heat. Do not get too hot. While you wait for it to heat coat lightly with PAM
2) Heat a corn tortilla until slightly crispy at the edges. Flip it. Wait. Put it in bowl. Do the second one. Both sides, edges slightly crispy.
3) While your tortillas are heating, if you don't suck at multitasking, start making your pico de gallo. If you do suck at multitasking do the pico earlier. Get a small cute bowl. Take a handful of grape tomatoes. Slice them lengthwise down the middle and then cut across that to end up with chopped pieces. I use approx 6-9 grape tomatoes.
4) Dice up some red onion. You should end up with less onion than tomato, but enough to see it. I love onion so I use quite a bit.
5) Your tortillas are done. Take the bowl with the tortillas and set it in the microwave or inside the oven. Do not turn either of these devices on.
6) Rinse and pat dry your tilapia. Season one side with the seafood seasoning (see above) and some black pepper. Add a bit more PAM to the pan and then put the tilapia filet in. Season the side facing up with pepper and seasoning. It should look like this

7) Let that side cook/sear for about a minute. While you do, get your cilantro out and start chopping it.
8) Flip your fish, wait another 30-60 seconds. Chop more cilantro. Add cilantro to tomato/onion bowl. (If you are using jalepeno, add it)

9) Use your spatula to chop up the fish into smaller pieces. In thicker sections you may have to press harder to break up the fish, but it has already cooked enough that it should flake fairly easily into what we want:

10) Let the fish pieces cook another 30-60 seconds and then remove from heat. Get your bowl of tortillas out of the microwave and prep the tortillas side by side, kind of propping each other up. Spoon in your fish.
11) (optional) sprinkle some Louisiana hot sauce on the fish right now
12) Scoop out the tomato/onion pico you just made into your tacos. Eat!

13) So fucking good. Resist urge to make more.

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