Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's up = No sex

I'm going to do a cartoon soon of our favorite types of online daters - you know, the ones we love to hate. In the meantime here is another winning exchange (this guy is 6 years younger than my minimum age range I set, btw)

HIM: your super cute =) we should totally be friends

ME: I AM! Thank you :)

HIM: hahaha whats up =)

I was tempted to ask him 'my super cute what?' after his first email but I didn't think he'd get it. Words cannot express how much I can't stand text messages or emails that say 'what's up?' like that, all on its own. The only time I ever say 'what's up?' is if someone is IMing me and not getting to the point, and it is my cleverly disguised way of saying what the fuck do you want, why are you talking to me. In the past when booty calls would text me 'what's up' I would just get irritated and text it back, which usually ended in a sort of angry satisfaction for me but, in those cases, no sex. Today's dating lesson:

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