Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Alien Channel

I'm fascinated by the show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Why does the History channel show so much alien shit? Is it just to torture me? Because I cannot stop watching it. I have things to do but I cannot leave couch (another contributing factor: my alien cat has my legs trapped).

But guess what I just learned! Not only is it possible that aliens tweaked our dna to make us smarter but they may have encoded data in it. Really? This guy actually just said that if we could read the encoded data it would probably tell us that Aliens were here 1000s of years ago.

Headline: Alien graffiti artists visit Earth and tag human DNA with this important message "zomg we wuz here! LULZ!"


  1. Hear hear. And when they show episodes on aliens in the Bible, I'm highly tempted to pop some popcorn and wear my embossed "GEEK" t-shirt. Mmmm, aliens...

  2. Aliens in the BIBLE? I need to see that. I'm not afraid to let my geek flag fly!